Shuttle Shufle and Wyncham Stream Wander

Darent Days 8 – Summary

Shuttle Shuffle and Wyncham Stream Wander
Saturday 13th August 2016 10:30am EnBro Public Walk
A 7.7 or 9.2 miles linear walk from Glenesk Road bus stop, Bexley Road, Eltham down Shuttle River from source in Avery Hill Park via Wyncham Stream (optional detour) and Bexley to Hall Place (afternoon refreshments / sightseeing stop). Finish at Bexley (bus stops and rail station). (Alternatively leave or join at various bus stops en route).

Shuttle Shuffle and Wyncham Stream Wander
Saturday 20th August 2016 10:30am EnBro Public Walk
Repeat of walk on 13th August.

If you prefer a paper copy of the walk as included in the information pack then download and print the pdf.

Adobe Acrobat pdf version of detailed route description


Shuttle Shufle and Wyncham Stream Wander

Meet:  10.30am at Glenesk Road bus stop, Bexley Road (A219), Eltham (Ordnance Survey map reference TQ437745).

132 bus from Eltham station; or from Bexleyheath via Bexley and Blackfen.
162 bus from Eltham station; or from Beckenham Junction via Bromley South station, Chislehurst station and New Eltham station.
286 bus from Greenwich via Eltham station; or from Queen Marys Hospital via Sidcup station.
B15 bus from Bexleyheath Clock Tower, Bexleyheath station, Welling station and Falconwood station.
124, 126, 233, 314, 321, or B16 bus to Westmount Road bus stop, Eltham High Street (A210), then 300m walk.
Nearest rail stations:
Eltham (Travelcard Zone 4; 1.0 mile walk via A298 and A210; buses as above)
Falconwood (Travelcard Zone 4; 0.9 mile walk via Riefield Road and Gravel Pit Lane)
New Eltham (Travelcard Zone 4; 1.2 mile walk via Footscray Road and Southend Crescent, or Avery Hill Park)

Maps:  Ordnance Survey 1:25 000 scale Explorer Sheet 162; 1:50 000 scale Landranger 177;
London Cycle Guide 11 (free).

Outline route:  Bexley Road, Eltham – Avery Hill Park – Black Fen – Wyncham Stream – Willersley Park (possible picnic lunch stop) – Bexley – Hall Place (refreshments and toilets stop) – Bexley (rail station and bus stops).

Early finish / late start options:  At various bus stops en route.

Terrain:  Mainly level through parks and woodland with some pavement walking.

Detailed route description:  From Glenesk Road bus stop, go eastwards along Bexley Road (A210) for 100m, then fork right across an open space to a track, where fork right again to follow the Green Chain southwards.  The source of the Shuttle is a little to the right at TQ439744, over 55m/180ft above sea level.  Where the Green Chain divides after 350m, continue southwards, with the Shuttle alongside.  After a further 500m, turn left (E) to follow the ditch, alongside right, for 200m to Forty Foot Way, where turn right.

After 450m, turn left along Avery Hill Road for 550m, then turn right at a mini roundabout along Restons Crescent for 200m to the Black Boy pub.  Turn right for 100m along Southspring (crossing the Shuttle), then left for a few metres along Radfield Way before turning left again into Greenhithe Close.  At its end turn right along Whistlers Grove to join a footpath at the end, with the Shuttle soon alongside to the left.  On reaching Berwick Crescent, turn left to cross the stream, then follow its left bank to Days Lane.  (If not wishing to explore the Wyncham Stream, continue alongside the left bank of the Shuttle through Hollyoak Wood Park to Haddon Grove and Willersley Avenue).

Otherwise, turn right for 90 metres, then left on a footpath to follow the right bank of the Shuttle for 300m to the confluence, then turn right alongside the Wyncham stream to Oaklands Avenue.  Turn right for 60 metres, then turn left along a footpath to a small wood with the stream to its left.  Beyond the wood bear right to reach Annandale Road.  Turn right for a few metres, then follow along Woodlands Avenue to Halfway Street (B2214).  Take the alleyway opposite to Old Farm Avenue.  Turn left to reach the Wyncham Stream emerging from allotments and crossing the avenue to flow between Longmeadow Road and Brookend Road.  Follow its left bank down Longmeadow Road, then cross a footbridge at the end of Pinewood Avenue to follow the right bank back to Halfway Street.  Turn right, and after a few metres turn left along Wyncham Avenue, parallel to the Wyncham Stream to its left.  On reaching Annandale Avenue again, turn right for a few metres, then left along Shuttle Close, at the end of which take the footpath ahead to Oaklands Avenue.  Turn right to reach Willersley Avenue, then left for 100m to cross the Shuttle and turn right into Willersley Park.  (Picnic lunch stop:  benches, 3.1 or 4.6 miles).

Continue alongside the Shuttle (right) across Marlborough Park Avenue, through Marlborough Park, across Burnt Oak Lane, then eastwards across an open space with the metal boundary fence of Sidcup Golf Course on the right.  Turn right to follow this fence through trees to the point where the Shuttle emerges from the golf course.  Bear left to follow its left bank to Penhill Road (A221).  Cross this road and follow the right bank of the Shuttle across Albany Road, Crofton Avenue, Murchison Avenue and the B2210.

Continue along Riverdale Road with the Shuttle now alongside to the right, cross Upton Road into Finsbury Way.  After 30m fork right on a footpath with the Shuttle still to the right.  At the second kissing gate turn right for 5m and then left on a tarmac path to reach Rochester Way (A2).  Turn right on the tarmac path alongside the A2, with the Shuttle still alongside to the right.  Cross the A2 slip roads with care in front of the Holiday Inn to continue along the tarmac path beside the A2 to pass under the flyover.  200m after crossing under the Bourne Road (A223) flyover, the Shuttle joins the Cray, which then passes under the A2.

Continue along the footpath beside the A2 to the railway, then take the subway under the road.  After emerging from the subway turn acutely right up the slope to reach the other side of the A2.  Turn right for a few metres alongside the A2 to cross over the railway and then turn right back down the slope.  Follow the boundary of Hall Place Gardens, turning left after 150m, crossing the Cray and then following the boundary wall around to the main entrance for Hall Place by the car park.  (Toilets and a café in Hall Place).  On leaving Hall Place by the main entrance, bear left to the Bourne Road (A223) exit.  Turn left along Bourne Road and follow the boundary wall and the Cray Riverway footpath signs to reach the A2.  Turn right for 20m to take the steps up to the Bourne Road flyover.

Turn left over the flyover and continue along Bourne Road to Old Bexley.  Turn left at the mini roundabout along Bexley High Street to cross the road under the rail bridge.  Turn right back to the mini roundabout and bear left.  After 150m either fork left up Station Approach for Bexley station or continue to the 289 bus stop in Hurst Road (A222) at the end of the High Street (both 7.7 to 9.2 miles).

Return:  Rail services from Bexley to New Eltham, Lewisham, London Bridge, Cannon Street, Waterloo East and Charing Cross.
132 bus service from Bourne Road (A223) to Eltham station; or to Bexleyheath.
269 bus service from Hurst Road (A222) to Bromley North station via Chislehurst station; or Bexleyheath.
492 bus service from Bourne Road (A223) to Sidcup station; or to Bluewater via Bexleyheath and Dartford.