Information Pack for Darent Days 2016 walks

Here you can download the content of the information pack to print yourself.

You can purchase the printed pack for £3 from the walks leaders.

If you purchased the initial set of Walks 1 to 5 you may obtain the remaining printed pages for free from the walks leaders.

The information pack contains three sections: Introduction, Details of Walks 1 to 5 and Details of Walks 6 to 10. Each section is in an Adobe Acrobat pdf document which you can download and print yourself. In order to see the maps at the correct scale, you should print them on A4 paper and your printer should be able to print to within 15mm of the bottom of the page. Click on the links below to download each file.

Adobe Acrobat pdf version of Introduction

Adobe Acrobat pdf version of Details of Walks 1 to 5 (amended 26th July 2016)

Adobe Acrobat pdf version of Details of Walks 6 to 10 (amended 17th July 2016)

If you wish to print all the walk instructions on two-sided paper, we suggest you print Walks 1 to 5 one-sided, then place the 15 sheets into your printer’s input tray with the blank sides facing the print head.  Then print Walks 6 to 10 specifying ‘reverse print order’ so that Walk 6 is on the back of Walk 5, Walk 7 on the back of Walk 4, … , Walk 10 on the back of Walk 1.  This way, the pages can be read from front to back on either side of the stack.