Blue Plaque Walks in Bromley

There will be a series of free public walks led by members of Environment Bromley, viewing all 39 Blue Plaques within the London Borough of Bromley during September and October 2017.

Details of Blue Plaque Bromley Borough Walks 2017

The first walk is on Saturday 9th September 10.30am. Meet at 25 Hayes Street, Hayes, below the plaque to William Pitt near ‘The George’ 119/146 bus stop.


Stage 9 Week 2 Hastings Finale


The second group of walkers made their way to Hastings beach with the intrepid few paddling and swimming. Starting in early May and walking 80 miles to see the sea. Well done!

A big thank you to all the walks leaders, we couldn’t have done it without you. A special thank you to our editor and to Ralph Palfrey for devising the Hastings Line path.